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The Sierra Leone Law School provides professional legal training and conducts final examinations for those seeking to become members of the legal profession in Sierra Leone.

Upon completing the Sierra Leone Law School requirements, candidates are issued a Certificate for Call to the Bar awarded by the Council of Legal Education.
Since 1990 the Law School has enrolled law graduates holding an honours degree in Law awarded by the University of Sierra Leone or holding any other degree in Law from a recognized university or any other Institution of higher learning of any commonwealth country approved by the Council of Legal Education.

The Student Pioneers

Between 1987 and 1989, the University of Sierra Leone had produced 30 LLB Honours graduates, most of whom had the desire to pursue the Professional Course leading to the Bar. It was not till February 1990, however, that their dreams were realized and 26 of these graduates were enrolled as the first set of Sierra Leone Law School Students.

It is to their credit that they worked so hard under the difficult conditions described earlier, and understood that they ought to set a standard that future students would follow.
They have held their own so well in the profession, that even skeptic who wondered whether a LAW SCHOOL would take off in Sierra Leone now acknowledge that indeed the School has taken off, gained height and is well on the way to achieving maximum cruising height and speed! Of these twenty-six initial graduants, only twenty-two were called to the Bar in December 1990 at a very impressive Call Ceremony held at the City Hall, by kind permission of the then Chairman, Freetown City Council Committee of Management.
The full list of Barristers so far called to the Bar by the School, appears later on page 81.
Two candidates were referred in one subject each while two failed to satisfy the conditions necessary for a pass.

The Council of Legal Education under section 6 of the 1989 Act is ordained as:

Legal Education Provider

Conduct or cause to be conducted professional training courses and examinations


Appointment of a Board of the Law School, a Director of the Law School, academic and other staff

Awarding Body

Issue a Certificate of Call to the Bar on satisfactory completion of the professional training course.


Evaluate courses of study provided by and accord appropriate recognition of legal qualifications obtained in other institutions

Members of The Council of Legal Education.

1. Hon. Chief Justice Hon. Justice Nicholas Browne-Marke - Chairman

2. Mohamed Lamin Tarawally Esq – Attorney General & Minister of Justice

3. Dr Abu Bakarr Bangura - Director Sierra Leone Law School (Secretary)

4. Robert B. Kowa - Solicitor General & Rep. of Attorney and Minister of Justice

5. Hon. Justice Alusine Sesay - Justice of the Supreme Court

6. Hon. Prof. H. M. Joko-Smart

7. Prof. Foday Sahr - Vice Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone

8. Prof. Babatunde Karim – Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Law (F.B.C)

9. Pastor Sahr Foday - Rep. Ministry of Education

10. Mr Leslie Thomas - Rep. Employers Federation

11. Mrs. Tuma Adama Gento-Kamara - Rep. Bar Association

12. Mr Floyd Davies Esq.- Rep. Bar Association

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